Danish Champion
Ki-To´s Ever So Special
Black toy female
 April 5th 1996  - June 26th 2007
"Dina" was a puppy from the day she was born till the day she died.
Always happy and playing especially with her son "Jesse".
She was always gentle and kind and she loved small puppies
- loved to nurse and cuddle them  - she even produced
milk, when another bitch was having small puppies.

"Dina" was such a kind and sweet little girl. She died much too early
- only 11 years old. The vet really fought for her life but in vain.

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Bright eyes, burning like fire
Bright eyes, how can you close and fail?
How can a light that burned so brightly
Suddenly burn so pail?
                                                                                                               (Art Garfunkel from "Watership Down")
Dina´s highlights

April 5th 1996 Dina was born.

November 18th 2000
"Dina" had her first son "Jesse" (
Misch´Amies The Best Of Me)
Sire was multichampion Eugenios Would Love To-Too

July 10th 2001
"Dina" had her second son "Tobias" (Misch´Amies Cuts Like A Knife)
Sire was multichampion Southampton Dartagnan Bazaar

January 20th 2002
Specialty Show in Vissenbjerg
"Dina" gained her first CC
Judge: Georg Walther, Germany

March 3rd 2002
Specialty Show in Hjöllund
"Dina" gained her second CC and went BOS
Judge: Leif Lehmann Jorgensen, Denmark

March 30th 2002
The Danish Kennel Club National Show in Nästved
"Dina" gained her third CC, went BOS and
Judge: Elaine Whitney

May 4th 2002
The Danish Kennel Club International Show in Vissenbjerg
"Dina" was at her last official show..
She went BOS and gained the Cacib
Judge: Brenda Banbury

August 18th 2002
"Dina" had her first and only daughter "Nougatmus" (
Misch´Amies Here I Am)
Sire was Grayco Vinivincenzo

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