Misch'Amies Here I Am
Black toy female
Born: August 18th 2002
prcd-PRA: Normal/Clear
"Nougatmus" was such a happy little soul, always cheerful and kind of noisy
- not alway desirable since her voice made you freeze to the marrow.
She was the only puppy of Dina´s last litter, so of course she should stay
with us, and we never regretted this decision except when it´s time
to go to bed: "Nougatmus" occupies the pillow EVERY night.
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The highlights of Nougatmus

August 18th 2002
Nougatmus was born

August 3rd 2003
Nougatmus went  BOS and gained JCA
at the VDP-specialty in Kropp, Germany.
It was her first show ever.
Judge: B. Peterburs, Germany

July 20th 2005
"Nougatmus" had her first litter:
3 boys: Misch´Amies Inside Out, Misch´Amies All For Love
and Misch´Amies Run To You

May 6th 2006
Danish Kennel Club International Show in Hilleröd
"Nougatmus" gained the Cacib

February 18th 2007
Danish Kennel Club International Show i Odense
Nougatmus gained the CC

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