Princess Jessica of the White Paws
Black and brown Bosnian street-dog with white paws
Born: Januay 5th 2014
(in fact we donīt know for sure - she may very well be a little older)
Early 2014 rescuer Arijana Ari was on a transport and suddenly - out in the middle of nowhere she spotted 3 baby sisters. Alone, starving, with no shelter at all, no houses and people nearby... Just nothing.
3 little dogs between the river and the road.
Arijana pulled over, searched the area hoping to find their mom, but in vain. They were there all alone.
At that point Arijana managed to catch Tic and Toe, but Tac was scared and in attempt to run away she fell into the river. Arijana also went in and managed to catch her somehow, but in meanwhile Toe ran away again and hid in the hole in the tree. As she had to go, Toe stayed hidden in the tree... On their way back third sister was found again and reunited with her sisters. They were brought to safety at King in Sarajevo, after vaccinations against diseases the sisters moved into Dawn`s Nest 2 - one of the mini-shelters of Marianneīs Dog Food Bank.
In April Tac was adopted to Denmark, Tic has found her furever home in the Netherlands, and Toe - yes - thatīs Jessica.
If you click on the first picture below you can see lots of photos of Jessica in Bosnia.
We donīt know Jessicaīs parents, but here are her two sisters: Tic and Lilo (former Tac)